Close Quarters

Close Quarters

5 Episodes

Close Quarters is an interview show, hosted by former Green Beret and football player for the Texas Longhorns and Seattle Seahawks, Nate Boyer. Guests consists of former service members who have risen up in their industries. Professionals such as authors, Medal of Honor recipients, MMA champions, and actors.

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Close Quarters
  • Johnny Walker

    Episode 1

    Nate Boyer interviews Johnny Walker, a former Iraqi interpreter who was attached to the Nacy SEALs and regarded as an honorary SEAL and brother to the men he fought alongside with. He recounts his incredible journey through his book, Codename: Johnny Walker, which is now in works to become a feat...

  • Randy Couture

    Episode 2

    Nate Boyer goes face-to-face with MMA champion and actor, Randy Couture as they discuss topics from his early days in wrestling to his enlistment in the Army, to his UFC championships.

  • Florent Groberg

    Episode 3

    Nate Boyer interviews Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg, who risked death by tackling a suicide bomber to the ground in order to protect the members of his team.

  • Hank Hughes

    Episode 4

    Nate Boyer sits down with Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, Hank Hughes, who is an Army veteran that was nominated for his AFI student short film "Day One".

  • Mat Best

    Episode 5

    Nate Boyer interviews Youtube star and actor, Mat Best, a former Army Ranger who shot to fame on Youtube and founder of various companies such as Article 15 Clothing, Leadslingers Whiskey and star of the film, "Range 15".