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NATO Channel TV
  • NATO on Duty - Ep 30. NATO ships support QRF

    Episode 1

    NATO’s maritime fleet flexes its muscles in the North Atlantic, both for ongoing training and to prepare elements of the force to become part of the NATO Response Force 2017 (Maritime).

    Three NATO Maritime Groups participated in NATO exercise Noble Mariner 2016. Noble Mariner was part of a lar...

  • NATO on Duty - Ep 29. Bomb Disposal Experts

    Episode 2

    How do bomb disposal experts improve their skills? By attending training exercises such as Northern Challenge, organised each year by the Icelandic Coast Guard.

    The exercise is supported by NATO’s Defence Against Terrorism Programme of Work, DAT POW:

  • NATO on Duty - Ep 28. Brits Lead NATO Spearhead Force

    Episode 3

    In 2017, the United Kingdom will take the lead for NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF).

    But what does that mean to the British soldiers who will be part of the task force? We talk to some of the soldiers to find out what it means to them.

    Footage includes: shots of the Bri...

  • NATO on Duty - Ep 27. Introducing VJTF

    Episode 4

    The VJTF (or Very High Readiness Joint Task Force) is NATO’s spearhead force designed to react to a crisis situation at short notice.

    The Land component is comprised of approximately 5,000 troops from 14 nations, made up of armour, infantry and artillery. These units exercised together recent...

  • NATO on Duty - Ep 26. Spearhead Force

    Episode 5

    Watch troops from the United Kingdom, Estonia, Poland and Spain demonstrate artillery, armour and infantry capability on exercise Venerable Gauntlet as they, along with 10 other nations, prepare to take over NATO’s spearhead force, the VJTF, in 2017.

    At the Sennelager training ground in German...

  • NATO on Duty - Ep 25. NATO JTACs

    Episode 6

    1,500 military personnel from 16 NATO Allies and partner nations are gathered together in the Czech Republic to train their JTACS or Joint Terminal Attack Controllers. That's the service member who is responsible for calling in air support if troops are coming under fire. Ample Strike 2016 – an i...

  • NATO on Duty - Ep 24. U.S. Marines on the Black Sea

    Episode 7

    Ever since the Russian annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, tensions have been rising in the Black Sea. NATO and its allies have continued to provide an enhanced forward presence, with significant maritime power and ongoing support and training for the Ukrainian armed forces. In this video, watch U...

  • NATO on Duty - Ep 23. Germans Bolster Baltic Airspace Defence

    Episode 8

    The German Air Force is now contributing to NATO’s assurance measures on its Eastern Border under operation “Persistent Presence”. The German air force has deployed its Deployable Control & Reporting Centre or DCRC, a Tactical Air Command which helps monitor the Baltic skies, keeping track of fli...

  • NATO on Duty - Ep 22. Underwater Escape in the Baltic Sea

    Episode 9

  • NATO on Duty - Ep 21. Special Forces selection in Latvia

    Episode 10

    At a training facility outside Riga, Latvia, a group of new Special Forces recruits prepare for a selection process that will determine their professional future. Tested to the limits both physically and mentally, not all of them will make it through without quitting, but those that do, will beco...